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Happy are the bra-burners


Click here to listen to Stephanie’s sermon on feminism.

“We are invited to the Dinner Party, my friends, by God. God has set the table and welcomed all of us, beyond our gender, beyond our brands. Come and bring your needlework, and your neckties. Bring your bodies, objectified and disappointing as they may be, with flab and wrinkles and no resemblance at all to Angelina Jolie. Bring your paycheck that may be less that what your colleague makes. Bring your outrage at human trafficking. Bring your fears that your daughter may be among the one in 5 females sexually assaulted on a college campus these days. Bring your delight that women now outnumber men in colleges and universities, and your dismay that they this is nowhere near the case in the SC Legislature. Bring your fatigue, your frustrations, your hopes, your failures—for this dinner party is far from perfect, but it is a feast nonetheless, a bounty of God’s blessing and grace served at the most dazzling place setting, with the fork on the correct side and a special chalice for wine – for delicious new life – poured out for you.

At this dinner party, we won’t be seated in a contrived boy/girl/boy/girl arrangement, for ‘all that has divided us will merge and softness will come to a world that has been harsh and unkind, then both men and women will be gentle, and both men and women will be strong, and the greed of some will give way to the needs of many, and the hunger of us all will be fed,’ with a first course of forgiveness, then big servings of love and justice, and an extra piece of Buttermilk Pie from Hominy Grill, because it’s a really, really good dinner party.”